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Where I am from, Anatolia, derives its name from the Greek word 'anatolé', which means ‘where the sun rises’. This being the inspiration of my projects, I focus on;


Preserving traditional roots – Throughout history and among different cultures, traditional roots have been the source where art forms take their inspiration from and flourish from. I aim to derive from these roots and exhibit my music within an authentic and traditional context. 


Cultural interconnections – The subtle crossing points between cultures and their interconnections has always fascinated me. Turkey, being a land that is the convergence zone of many cultures and traditions, have provided me much inspiration on.


Shedding light to history – There is always more than what is already out there, and this applies to music as well. Therefore, in my projects I aim to highlight the unknown or underplayed repertoire and bring it together with the audience. 


Connecting with the audience – For me a performance is not complete without inviting the audience into the world of the music I interpret. I interact and connect with my audiences through pre-concert talks and providing entry points.

Please click on the images below for information about each project. 

East of the Sun

West of the Moon

Image: Painting by Mary Gold


Women Composers

Image: A musical gathering, 18th century



Image: Painting by Ivan Aivazovsky

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