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Music of
Turkish-Ottoman Women Composers

500 year old Ottoman music tradition owes a lot to the contribution of women composers, performers and teachers of Turkish music. Oldest documentations and illustrations which have survived until now of women performing music are from the 16th century. Studying musical activities of Ottoman women help us both understand the Ottoman tradition and the place of women in the music of modern Turkish society.

Ottoman Turkish Women Composers

This concert highlights works of numerous influential women composers dating from 17th century to present, some of which are Dilhayat Kalfa, Leyla Saz, Kevser Hanim, Mehves Hanim, Esma Sultan, Reftar Kalfa, Gevheri Osmanoglu and Neveser Kokdes. The performance will feature traditional Turkish instruments, preceded with a pre-concert talk on the music tradition and information about the composers. 

Turkish Ottoman Women Composers
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